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Our Vision


HINODE ENERGY started its activity in 2021 with a solid and experienced Personnel in project development in Japan since 2012.
HINODE ENERGY’s capabilities and competencies allow to originate greenfield projects and consolidate them in the different phases of development and take them to the operation phase.
HINODE ENERGY’s goal is to be a benchmark company in the Japanese renewable energy sector, in volume and quality, developing photovoltaic projects of maximum technical efficiency and high profitability, thus ensuring returns to its shareholders and society, through positive social and environmental impact of its activity.
HINODE ENERGY is a technologically agnostic company capable of implementing the best solution adapted to each project. Focused on developing totally “bankable” projects, the financial aspect is a main ingredient in our projects that, together with the technical aspect, makes our projects provide maximized returns.

Our Team


  • ミジャン ルアーノ ホセ アントニオの写真
    CEO Jose Antonio Millan Ruano
  • 藤崎 巌の写真
    Chief Legal & Corporate Officer Iwao Fujisaki
  • ガルシア デービッドの写真
    Chief Development & Origination Officer David Garcia
  • コヤド アレハンドロの写真
    Chief Project Development Officer Alejandro Collado
  • 堀口 ちあきの写真
    Development Director Chiaki Horiguchi
  • 中島 礼央の写真
    Origination & Land Development Director Reo Nakajima
  • ジャスティン リーの写真
    Chief Engineer Justin Li
  • ルイス  ロドリゲス ハビエルの写真
    Geomatics Director Javier Ruiz Rodríguez
  • 永松 パオラの写真
    Solar Sharing & Project Manager Paola Nagamatsu
  • 内田 アランの写真
    Finance & HR Director Alan Uchida

About Decarbonization Efforts


Japan Climate Initiative ロゴ

HINODE ENERGY is a member of the Japan Climate Initiative making efforts for decarbonization by 2050.

HINODE ENERGY is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.


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